Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i just found out!

hi guys and gals... sorry for the hiatus... i've been trying to fix things in my life that needs overhauling... i'm still in the process, but i'll be there.... i'll be ok...

so how's everyone?

OMG, i just recently found out through a friend that BRUCE QUEBRAL of PBB and UP UAAP basketball team, is a Flight Attendant for EMIRATES. :)
WOWWW! see how glamorous our dream job is? even celebrities apply! how nice!
anyway.. here are a few photos of Bruce that she shared.

Bruce and Co-FAs

and this is his new girlfriend

and this is his new girlfriend

pretty? she's also an FA for EK

remember bruce and wendy from PBB? well... no more! hehehe

hahaha.. makes me wanna try for EK so bad... although my dream Airline is QR. hehe!

so there... that's my only update for now... please pray for me... i need strength in my endeavors... :)

Godbless everyone! mwah!


  1. we live in the same building :)

  2. wow! you're really lucky and blessed sis! ;)

  3. Hi!ask ko lang kung san mo nahanapa yung mga picyures niya,may blog din ba siya?TIA!