Saturday, February 27, 2010

shoulda, woulda, coulda

i'm feeling blue today... if i had only gotten things straight before today, i could've gone to the QR OD. i should've never been too procrastinating, or i would've been able to fullfill a productive day.
shoulda, woulda, coulda.... are the last words of a fool. yeah. the song was right.. FOOL.
i didn't even allow myself to be persuaded by people who have been there to help me.
instead, i lead myself to believe that something broken can ever be fixed YET AGAIN. well.. HELL NO! I AM DONE. NO MORE CONVINCING MYSELF THAT WE COULD EVER BE OK. SO THERE. I SAY I AM STARTING AGAIN.

with that said... i'd like to ask those who have gone to the QR OD today... kamusta? tell me stories of the stuff that i missed. haaay... no more fooling myself na. like i said... starting OVER. help me? enlighten me? teach me? tell me stories.. :) miss you guys! mwah!

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